Car & Boat Fiberglass Customization

Make your dreams a reality when you count on Exotic Dreams Fiberglass Inc. for car and boat fiberglass customization in Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania.

We provide custom fiberglass fabrication services for automobiles and boats. Our team has done many custom jobs, including glow-in-the-dark flames and multicolor paint schemes. Exotic Dreams Fiberglass Inc. also provides custom paint jobs which morph colors with changes in temperature.

We are the only craftsman in the area using a “chopper gun service” for fiberglass fabrication/customization.

Our team’s fabrication services create customized storage spaces on boats, cars, RVs, and trucks. Virtually anything is possible with the appropriate resources and budget. From a glow stick effect to sparkling paint finishes, Exotic Dreams Fiberglass Inc. is your one-stop shop for complete service.